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The Boiler Room is a multimedia production company, specialising in the production of visual based procedure training, safety material & consulting We are experts in converting complex subjects into visual formats The services that The Boiler Room provide, include, but not limited to, Concept and Design Developments, Multimedia Applications, 2D/3D Animation, Character Animation, Video / Special Effects Production, Filming, Accident Re-construction, Inductions, Simulations, eLearning / mLearning, 3D Computer Games, Safety Campaigns, Safety Training, General Procedure Training, Maintenance Training Applications, Electronic Communications, Broadcast, App Development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Web Authoring

VR an AR

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) & 360 Degree Filming are all cutting edge add-ons to enhance our visual training experience Learner retention levels are pushing 90% with the use of VR technologies AR uses smart phone and tablets devises to interact with pre-programed triggers. Once the device camera has triggered on an object, Menus, Sounds, Videos and 3D animations can be loaded 360 filming is used in conjunction with VR Goggles to allow the learner a more realistic 360 degree video interaction

Training Solutions

We have used visual based training to help many companies with their site and company Inductions, Safety, Procedural training and eLearning and/or eLearning (mobile learning) Let us assist you by creating an LMS (Learning Managment Systems) eLearning and mLearning system. Our training incorporating video, animation, photographs, voiceovers, visual based questions, drag and drop interactions, all with customisable score tracking of the learner. All our LMS applications are Scorm Level 1.2 compliant

Game Development

We're adamant that the next level of safety and procedure training is in 3D serious games - Virtual Reality Simulators! We take reference photographs, video, point cloud information and recreate the site in a 3D virtual world. The learner can navigate their way around the virtual site identifying potential safety hazards or incorrect procedures or best practices. We in turn generate a scoring system and user controls that will educate and reinforce the company's approach to safety and training Our games give the learner far greater retention of information than was previously possible in conventional training. The fun way to learning begins!

Video Production

Video / Special Effects Production (in house equipment), Filming.

Animation and Graphic Design

We have created hundreds of 3D characters that are used as the 'safety hero' or 'training guru' in our productions Our characters take on many forms such as an animals, mascots, or actual people, such as team leaders. Basically anything that a client feels will be relevant to their scenario. These characters can then be composited into a real life settings whereby they can interact with real people that we have filmed. The results are captivating and the audience is always amazed by such scenes Our 3D characters are very life like and have Full Human Bipedal Movement and 100% Lip Sync in any Language!

SHEQ Consulting

SHEQ Consulting Services, SHEQ Management Software, SHEQ Management Systems, SHEQ Auditing and SHEQ Training

The Boiler Room Modular Development Matrix
Scalabble by bolting on other layers as needed

Scalable by bolting on other layers as needed

* Powerhouse Data Library *

We have one of the worlds largests industrial 3D model libraries and over 20+ years of Industrial Photographs and video content

* Training Content Creation *

Byte Size visual training development - Video, Photographs, 2D & 3D Animation

* Picture Based Assessments *

eLearning & mLearning (Mobile Learning) Learner Management Systems

* Nextgen *

Simulators, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Multiplatform Pc, Android, IOS - Tablets and Cell Phones



The Boiler Room team has been responsible for developing a diverse range of communication projects for a broad spectrum of clients encompassing Coal, Platinum, Gold, Copper, Chrome and Diamond Mining, Retail, Petroleum, Heavy and Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Television, Forestry, Telecommunications, Government (Department Trade & Industry (DTI), Joburg City and Eskom – national electricity producer) and many other industry sectors. The Boiler Room team have worked with various industries for the past 18 years, producing visual training and safety material. To date we have produced and have in our archives, thousands of 3D computer models and training scenes. We utilise 3D computer animation over live footage, or 3D computer pictures as training tools. The items and scenes we have animated, resemble real world items and are not branded to any particular company, thereby allowing easy customisation for any application. We have already produced several hundreds of hours of Training Material for eLearning, Virtual Mines (all mining types), Virtual Paper Machines, Virtual Construction Sites, Office Training, Induction Video’s, Accident Reconstructions, Picture Icons depicting complex topics, Visual Examinations for illiterates, Behaviour Based Training, Booklets and most working environments in 3D. We are experts in converting complex subject matter into an impactful visual formats. The Boiler Room not only works in Southern Africa but has done work in Canada, UK, USA, Finland, Australia, Zambia, Lesotho, France, Peru, Russia, Zambia, Scotland, Austria, Malawi and we have just finished a project in Oman for an oil fields safety/training campaign. We have also just returned from a trip to the USA where we were commissioned to do a film shoot for a global safety campaign.


Some of our clients and what we have achieved together


• Safety television channel - SafeTV • All Accident Re-constructions and Learning Points • 3 x Accident Re-constructions, ShaftSinking Safety Training, 2 x Accident Re-Construction DVD • Dangerous Gasses Training • Fatal Accident Re-constructions

• Accident Re-constructions (Global Project) • Virtual Reality Computer Game – Risk Based • Prototype of New Mining Machine (Used in Canada) • Mining Methodologies • Apprentice Training • Corporate Training Videos • Elands Platinum Training and eLearning

• Nip Point + Lock Out eLearning • Charging and Blasting Training eLearning • Diamond Dreams – Corporate DVD • Open Cast Drilling / Pre Split Training eLearning • Open Cast Mine To Mill Training eLearning • Auto Mine Induction, Auto Mine Training

• Interactive National Seminar • 3D Animation Logo “Standard Bank MLM” • 3D Animation & Special Effects for Retail Network News – an in house, once a week TV broadcast • 3D Animation Logo “Standard Bank Micro” x 3 • 3D Animation of “Y2K” Update

• Life Saving Rules & Group Inductions – Mobile Tablet Based System – mLearning • Safety and Training Posters

• Visual Based Training – Convert Text Based Training to Visuals • Shaft Sinking Training and eLearning (SA and Canada) • Underground Re-entry Examination • 3D Animation Fly-through - Mozal Aluminum Plant

• Crusher Training Program • Cone Crusher Disassembly, Re-Assembly – Maintenance • 3D Plant in Virtual Reality Gaming Engine • 3D Cone Crusher – 3D Glasses Used – Stereo Vision • Marketing Posters

• Back 2 Basics Training • Matimba Induction Program • Arnot Induction Program • Management Assessment Training • 4 Accident Re-constructions • Head Office Induction + eLearning • Induction Video – Real Footage with 3D animation simulations

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