About The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room team delivers innovative visual learning and digital production solutions across all industries, globally since 1999.  

Internationally recognised, we have been delivering award winning VR and learning solutions, for over 10 years. 

Our VR expertise spans 9 years, and we consider ourselves global VR pioneers, with proven technology and solutions.

Globally we have one of the largest 3D libraries, which includes scenes, scenarios, machinery, and people across all industries. 

Our 3D library is supported by an extensive video and photo repository that spans 25+ years. 

TBR Company Timeline

TBR is established Northcliff / Johannesburg – 1 employee

Feb 1999

TBR engaged by Liberty Life to create eLearning 


TBR and SASOL mining develop the first 3D animation training for South Africa.


TBR creates the Anglo Platinum and Anglo Gold SOP’s in 
3D animation.


TBR takes the bold step to commercialise virtual reality (VR) as a method of learning delivery. 


TBR completing the first BHP Billiton (Now South32) project, 8 years later still a TBR client.


TBR releases the first VR Digital Twin. 


TBR surpasses 50 employees


May 1999

TBR already has 3 employees.


TBR develops Mondi Forestry’s learning by combing video with 3D animation overlays.


TBR changes the logo.


TBR completing the first TOTAL project, 15 years later still a TBR client.


Sandvik Globally becomes a TBR client, ultimately leading to the development of the Sandvik Maintenance system. 


First VR fault finding maintenance simulator created for South32.


TBR changes it logo.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

"Following on from this great advice, The Boiler Room has forged ahead and become a world leader in components of Industry 4.0" 

Mark Hocker 

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