Content Production

How we learn, what we learn, and why we learn is changing fast. Learning is happening at the speed of need. We provide not just learning service offerings, but a holistic approach to workforce development and the associated content. 


The demands of business are increasing, and the supply of skilled and experienced employees is decreasing. Do you have a plan to address these skill shortages and bring together all the necessary steps to create a comprehensive workforce development solution? Have you got the relevant content to close the skills gap? With well thought out plans and a strategy, supported by the relevant content you can not only reap the benefits of a more satisfied and more productive workforce, but you will be able to measure it with key metrics to show a training ROI and impact.


As an established learning content partner and solution provider:

  • We are innovative - And therefor understand that through constant innovation we can ensure that our clients remain competitive. For us constant innovation is a necessity not a luxury. 

  • We are flexible – We can adapt any existing learning programmes or content to operate successfully in a blended learning environment, or develop a customised blended learning solution, based on client content.  

  • We know content – As content specialists we look at content differently. Is the content really designed for learning at all? Or is it just-in-time reference material? Is the content interactive or passive? Passive as with podcasts, some videos, manuals.

  • We are dynamic – Curiosity is fundamental to learning, we know employees learn by doing. They are more engaged, better prepared, and develop new skills faster. We help participants put their learning into practice. We build solutions based on content to empower employees, aligned to business strategy.

  • We really know learning – We advise and build learning solutions for clients globally. We help with development and deployment; we know best practice and know what a successful training deployment looks like. On an annual basis we complete and deploy 100’s of learning courses and events.

  • We have the technical skills and knowledge – We have a deep understanding of how a successful training course impacts organisational success and increases employee engagement. Our qualified and experienced team have the required technical expertise to design and implement best-fit learning solutions.

  • Are quality assured – We deliver learning solution that are quality assured. 

  • Offer value for money - We recognise that costs and rates will be an important consideration in any project or engagement, therefore we constantly monitor and benchmark our fees and rates to be extremely competitive. 


As a learning solution partner, we can help you to:

  • Design a culture of learning. The team can assist you to establish, grow and maintain a culture of learning within your organisation.

  • Embrace innovative technologies and tools to prepare for the future now

  • Respond to your learning needs 

  • Deploy value adding content

  • Value diversity and advance inclusiveness through learning solutions

 Our learning experts can help to: 

  • create the executive buy-in

  • expand learning way beyond the traditional “classroom”

  • establish learning targets

  • Create and promote a culture of learning with all employees

  • We understand curiosity is fundamental to learning

  • Harness and leverage talent from within the organisation and people.


There's no guarantee for what the future holds, with constant learning technology advances. We stay ahead, engage with us to talk about the future:

  • A virtual workforce does exist, and learning can support this

  • Lifelong learning will be a business requirement for career success.

  • Interactive curriculum, online learning, traditional and blended formats will be common and the norm.

  • Social media literacy will be a job requirement

  • Personalized learning models, “just in time” learning and coaching will be expected.

  • Learning at the speed of need

In the learning design, the key is complete flexibility. We provide this flexibility in:

  • Learning Styles and Preferences

  • Learning Formats and Options

  • Different Learning Types 

With an experienced team, we can create bespoke learning solutions, extraordinary content, which is designed to address organisation specific problems and challenges. We engage and understand your requirements, before proposing a solution, allowing us to blend various components, to address your need. Our team is tool agonistic and will work in the tools most suitable for your environment and organisation.